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admin Oct 4, 2008 0 Comments Posted in: Blog

Lucky Magazine gives TINte Cosmetics a Great Review On The Match Book Collection! I tend to use my friends and family as an informal focus group: At one extreme, there’s my mother, who loves everything; at the other, my sister Lynne, a diehard athlete who lacks the passion and patience to deal with makeup on a regular basis. In the middle there’s my notoriously sphinx-like pal Lisa. Last week when I met the very nice owner of Tinte Cosmetics, I got samples of the company’s new Match Book makeup palettes—which I promptly gave to my focus group members, saving the smoky-eye/pale-pink-lip version for myself. I loved mine—shadow, waterproof eyeliner, blush and lip gloss, all in shades I actually want to wear. I figured I’d hit the jackpot, and that my focus group had probably lost out with some inferior earth-tone versions. But no! A call from Lisa: She’s obsessed with her palette, it’s the best makeup item she’s ever owned, she stayed up all night surfing the Web to stock up, she can’t shut up! And an e-mail from Lynne: She’s carrying hers everywhere; it’s SO much better than any product I’ve ever given her. My mother, of course, raved. Mark my words, this is the stocking/evening-bag stuffer of the year. And only 28 bucks! —Jennifer Scruby, contributing beauty writer, Miami October 24, 2008 “Product tested on boys, not on animals!” For information: or Contact: Phone: 786-472-8301

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