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Lip Licking Lip Balms in vintage Slider tins sooooo delish!

Stacy Reid Jul 5, 2016 1 love the 80's 1970s 1976 1977 1979 1980s 1981 1982 1983 80's kid Beauty & fashion bubble gum flavored lip balm do you remember eighties girls Featured flavored lip balm flavored lip gloss For women grape flavored lip balm lip licking Lip Licking flavored lip balm lips makeup Mementos & memorabilia strawberry flavored lip balm vanilla flavored lip balm village lip lickers village lip lickers lip balm village lip lickers slider tin lip balm watermelon flavored lip balm 0 Comments Posted in: Blog

Why are our Lip Licking Lip Balms in Vintage Slider Tins sooooo delish? You may wonder why our Lip Licking Flavored Lip Balms are so delicious?  Not only did we mange to bring back sweet childhood memories but we choose the best of the best flavors to use. When  you slide open the lid of this special vintage gold slider tin with curly, swirly lines /...

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