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If we Only had a Time Machine! The Search for Flavored Lip Gloss

Stacy Reid May 12, 2015 best lip gloss for chapped lips bubble gum flavored lip balm chocolate flavored lip gloss coconut flavored lip gloss cream soda flavored lip gloss dr. pepper flavored lip gloss flavored lip color flavored lip shine Lip Licking flavored lip balm pink lemonade flavored lip gloss prevents chapped lips root beer flavored lip gloss shea butter lip gloss village lip lickers Village lip lickers flavored lip balm vintage slider tins 0 Comments Posted in: Blog

If we only had a time machine what would we do? The search for Flavored Lip Gloss. Do you find yourself in love with a certain era? Do you long for the simpler times and wish you could be transported back even if just for a few sweet days? What would you do? Who would you see? And the big question is, if you could something back with you what would /...

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