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Bubble Gum Flavored Lip Gloss

Stacy Reid Oct 26, 2014 bubble gum bubble gum flavored lip balm bubble gum flavored lip color bubble gum flavored lip gloss flavored lip color flavored lip gloss lip gloss lip lickers lip lickers flavored lip balm lip lickers lip balm village lip lickers vintage slider tins 0 Comments Posted in: Blog

Bubble Gum Flavored Lip Gloss Bubble Gum Flavored Lip Gloss and Bubble Gum Flavored Lip Balm became popular among teenage girls in the early 1970’s and 1980’s. During this decade many girls fell in love with the delicious flavor of sweet bubble gum. Fruity, sweet and spicy, this flavor was and still is an all time favorite for girls and women of any a /...

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