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TINte Cosmetics Celebrates National Pink Day with flavored lip glosses

Stacy Reid Jun 23, 2016 best lip gloss for chapped lips bubble gum flavored lip balm bubble gum flavored lip gloss cotton candy flavored lip balm flavored lip balm flavored lip gloss lip lickers lip balms lip licking lip licking lip balm national pink day shea butter enriched lip gloss slider tin lip balm slider tin lip gloss village lip lickers village lip lickers lip balm vintage slider tin lip balm vintage slider tins watermelon flavored lip balm 0 Comments Posted in: Blog

TINte Cosmetics celebrates National Pink Day with Flavored Lip Glosses- June 23rd is a day to celebrate all fun things that are pink! We offer so many fun pink products. Starting off with our Bubble Gum Flavored lip gloss, in jumbo tube Bubble Gum Flavored lip balm Kissing Stick & Cotton Candy flavored lip balm Kissing Stick as well as our Waterm /...

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